The Top Five Spring Break 2020 Destinations For Students

Spring Break is the perfect time to get away from the stresses of school work and escape the winter cold and what better way to do both then by running off to a hot spot destination!


1. Viva Las Vegas

There is no better place to get away from it all and indulge in a little sinful behavior then Las Vegas, Nevada, no wonder they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

No longer just a place to gamble the night away, this is the premier college destination because of the club life and the even more elaborate pool parties. There are so many fun things to do in this city that you may never want to leave!


2. South Padre Island

The best place for water sports, drinking and complete craziness is South Padre Island, Texas. Famous for being called the largest college beach party in the world and known for the outlandish games, dance contests and bikini contests this place can get really crazy during spring break.


3. Daytona Beach

With over 23 miles of white sandy beaches and parties everywhere you look it is no wonder that spring break in Daytona Beach has been a top destination for what seems like forever.

Another big reason that many choose to come to Daytona Beach, Florida is because of the hotel prices, location and awesome weather.


4. Panama City

The nightlife in Panama City, Florida can get real wild and kind of flows right back into the all day partying on the beautiful (and packed) beaches.

Another reason the spring break crowds flock to Panama City is because it is known for being celebrity hot spot. The weather here is known for being darn near perfect year after year and is another reason people flock back each spring break.


5. Cancun

The hotels in Cancun make sure to make the list of top pick spring break locations each year by rolling out elaborate parties and a anything-goes mentality. They even go as far as calling Cancun the Mexico version Las Vegas and they are probably right in calling it this.

There are parties going on here from morning to night and every moment in between. What a beautiful place to party like a rock star for seven days straight.

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