The Top Five Things to Do on Your Puerto Vallarta Honeymoon

Because a little over half of the population in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico depend on tourism as their only income, it is no wonder that the residents try very hard to make tourists fall in love with their city. There is no doubt that celebrating your honeymoon in this city will offer many unique and memorable memories to share for years and years to come.

The following are the top picks of activities that a couple can choose from and range from intimate to adventurous, the choices will be hard because there are so many things to do on your Puerto Vallarta honeymoon vacation.


1. A Night of Romance Like No Other

A very unusual and highly entertaining excursion is the “Rhythm Of The Night” catamaran cruise which is a mystical and mysterious tour of a torch lit romantic cove. This is a great way to have a intimate and very romantic evening on your honeymoon and surely a very different way to see the city night life from the water.

There are tropical drinks served the entire ride with stars above in the sky, there is no other way to describe this then calling this “bliss”. The boat then docks along a torch lit trail which will lead you both up into a magical jungle, even better is the sound of beating drums the entire way up the path.

Once you reach the opening there will be a very well choreographed show of dancers who put on quite a entertaining show while the two of you relax over a scrumptious dinner. This is a romance filled evening for any honeymoon couple and one that they will want to come back and visit down the road for a anniversary.


2. Massage In some Relaxation

For under a hundred dollars the two of you can receive a much needed full 75 minute massage that will have you both relaxed and ready for anything life throws your way. The aromatherapy and the soft music combined with the love of your life lying beside you during your massages is sure to put any honeymoon right on pace for being the best getaway ever.

Puerto Vallarta is known for it’s pampering and this is where the spa treatments really shine, you both will definitely feel like you underpaid for such magnificent treatment received.


3. Zip Line of Love

There is little doubt that if the two of you enjoy adventure then you will both love the Canopy Tour El Eden in Puerto Vallarta. Known for their safety first attitude this place is where tourists come to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The zip lines are high, fast and long which allows for breathtaking views and spectacular romantic fun for any honeymoon. They even offer photos and videos if you choose to purchase a souvenir of your zip line time, there is also a restaurant and I recommend you eat AFTER completing your zip line of love adventures.


4. Scooter In some Fun

A great way to take in all the fun around Puerto Vallarta is by renting a scooter or all terrain vehicle depending on which you prefer.

There are also guided four to six hour tours of the entire city which is a great way to get around and see all the magnificent sites or a chance to tour the city and take in a trip to the botanical gardens.

This is a fun and romantic safe way for a couple to spend a afternoon and adds a little adventure to your honeymoon vacation.


5. For the Love of Snorkeling

If the two of you in the mood to take your love into the waters then make sure to take in Puerto Vallarta’s excellent snorkeling opportunities. There is a great chance in seeing humpback whales during your boat ride out and that is truly a memory you will cherish forever.

Make sure to buy a cheap underwater camera to capture the moment and allow someone on the tour to take a few pictures of the two of you under water enjoying your romance filled snorkeling honeymoon.


There are so many romantic things to do in the city of Puerto Vallarta, the hard part is definitely going to be deciding on how many you have time for on your honeymoon.

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