Dangers of Sneaker Waves

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From these words you will find out what a sneaker wave is, know its contents, how to prevent being affected by one and know so much more about sneaker waves.

Sneaker Waves


1. Surprise Arrival

Sneaker waves do not give a warning to beach goers along the Oregon coast of the Pacific Ocean. Oregon mandate requires beach access from Brookings to Warrenton so people are dotted along the shoreline sometimes not knowing about sneaker waves.

Huge swells of unexpected water are designated as sneaker waves. It is an instant observation when it is before you and can be deadly for several reasons stated below.


2. Magnitude

A sneaker wave might seem like a forceful wave, however these waves that are unpredictable carry with them a greater magnitude than one might imagine.The strength is enough to knock even an adult off their feet especially when a person is caught off guard.


3. Content

With sneaker waves come a large amount of sand, which can act like cement in shirts, shorts, jackets, shoes and also on blankets and towels. The combination of sand, water and the thrust of the ocean wave can knock a person down and make it impossible to stand up no matter how great a swimmer you are.


4. Preventions

Never turn your back to the ocean, since the natural beauty of the water can be upsetting and even deadly when a sneaker wave comes to the shore. If you are continually watching the tide, you will and can possibly see a sneaker wave and head for the shore. Stay clear of algae laden rocks in the water or at a jetty.

These surfaces are slippery and provide obstacles of concern when sneaker waves are present. It is quite possible to be swept off these rocks and jetty areas or hit the head creating unconsciousness because of an unexpected wave surge.

Consider saving your life and those of others and do not bother with belongings since there is little time to escape from a sneaker wave. If you plan on resting on the sand near the water which might include you dozing, assign someone to look out for you while you nap at the beach. Avoid logs in the water since they can be lifted out of the water during wave activity.


5. Tsunami

Sneaker waves have been likened to a tsunami only taking less time than a tsunami and most often not in pairs or multiple waves as a tsunami. If you are far enough from the ocean water, you will not be as greatly affected by a sneaker wave as when you are where the waves break at the shoreline.

With added weight of water and sand your weight can easily be more than 30 pounds.

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