he Top Five Reasons to Use VRBO

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What is VRBO? VRBO stands for vacaton rentals by owner. We use this website quite often to rent homes instead of staying in hotels.


1. Cheaper

VRBO.com is a site where you can rent homes from owners. They usually tend to be cheaper than staying at a hotel if you look around.

We rented in Tennessee back several years ago and was surprised to see how much cheaper it was per night to rent from VRBO than pay to stay at a hotel. We have since then rented from this company instead of staying at a hotel.


2. All Over the World

VRBO.com has house rentals all over the world. Just go to vrbo.com and select the state that you are interested in and then the city or town that you are interested in. You will find a large selection of different places all over the world. You will find vrbo rental in over 100 different countries.


3. Homes

VRBO.com rents homes of all different sizes. You will find anywhere from an efficiency to a one bedroom and even up to 8 bedroom homes for rent. You can rent them for just one night and longer. The longer you rent the cheaper it tends to be. The homes are usually very large and have several bathrooms along with the several size bedrooms.

They usually have a large kitchen. Some of them have a rec room, cable, free wi fi, swimming pools, hot tubs. and more. Some of these homes have garages that are included.


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4. Private and Quiet

VRBO home rentals are private and quiet. You don’t need to deal with people running down the hall or waking you up in the middle of the night like you would if you were staying at a hotel.

You can relax whenever you want and come and go whenever you want. You can turn up the tv or radio as loud as you want and not have to worry about waking someone up.


5. Full Kitchen

VRBO homes have full size kitchens that come with a stove, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, dishes, and anything you would need to eat, cook, and drink with.

They also come with a full refrigerator to store all of you food for the week.


VRBO.com is very easy and convenient to use. I would highly recommend trying them out if you haven’t already. You will be very pleased with the price and the quality of the homes. We have stayed in several different ones in so many different states and we have never been disappointed.

The one we stayed in Tennessee was an 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom, rec room, cable, wi fi, large dining room, large kitchen, hot tub, garage, and other amenities. It was so much cheaper than staying at a hotel with 2 beds. There were just the four of us staying there and we had more room than we ever needed.

The other homes that we have rented were never a disappointment either. Some of them were on a beautiful golf course, some were on the Massanuten Resort, some had large outside swimming pools. Be sure to check it out and see what you can find for your next vacation spot. You will be thrilled that you did.

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