Interesting Facts About Syracuse

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If you live in Syracuse, New York or know somebody who does you may find these facts interesting. It is always fun to learn quirky things about your hometown or the hometown of friends and family.


1. Onondage Lake Is the Second Most Poluted Lake In the World

Onondage Lake was once the center of the Iroquois Confederacy. Unfortunately as the area industrialized, the lake became a dumping ground for businesses and the lake is now the most poluted in the U.S. and the second most polluted in the world.


2. Salt Potatoes Were Invented In Syracuse

When the Irish settled in Syracuse, many of them went to work in the salt mines. Their wives would back the potatoes for lunch. The workers would boil their potatoes in the same buckets they had used to collect their salt and the outcome was salt potatoes.

Most people outside of the Syracuse area have never even heard of a salt potato, but the locals love them!


3. There Is an Upside Down Traffic Light

Interesting Facts About Syracuse

Syracue is home to an upside down traffic light. The light was accidentally installed by the city upside down. The light happened to be in an area where many Irish people lived. When the city came to revearse their error, the local neighborhood children threw rocks at the light to break it.

They wanted the green to be on top. To this day the light is upside down. There is also a monument on the corner depicting children throwing stones at the light. The only down side to this is that if you are color blind you may miss the red light!


4. Syracuse Is the Snowiest Large City In the Country

Syracuse gets the most snow out of any large city in the country. There are smaller towns and villages that may accumulate more snow, but as far as large cities go, Syracuse is the winner.

Buffalo and Syracuse go back and forth about who is really snowier, but so far Syracuse is still the official snowiest large city.


5. The Erie Canal Runs Right Through Syracuse

The Erie Canal helped put Syracuse on the map. If you are looking for a piece of history why not go visit the canal that stretched from Albany to Buffalo? There are several museums dedicated to the canal.


Final Thoughts

Syracuse New York is full of interesting history and traditions. It is a wonderful place to live and visit.

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