The Top Five Attractions In Wisconsin Dells

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1. Waterparks

Wisconsin Dells is known as the “Waterpark of the World”. There are plenty of different waterparks to choose from in the Dells that have various water slides, lazy rivers, hot tubs, kiddie pools and more.

The waterparks are both indoor and outdoor.


2. Zip-Lines

Zip-lines are a very fun and exciting attraction. Older children and adults both love the zip-lines that take you from one end of a field or woods to the opposite side.

Wisconsin Dells

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3. Duck Tours

Duck tours are one of the most popular attractions in Wisconsin Dells. The Duck tours go on both land and water as you can take advantage of the scenic tours.


4. Festivals

There are many festivals that take place in the Dells, depending on the season. There are many fall festivals as well as summer festivals. Enjoy the games, raffles, crafts and music that these festivals may offer.


5. Shopping

Shopping is a fun thing to do in Wisconsin Dells. There are plenty of unique souvenirs, antique and clothing shops in this city. Walking up and down the main street is a very fun event for your family while on vacation.

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