The Top Five Causes of Road Rage

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1. Slow driver in the inside lane

It doesn’t matter what the speed limit is, the inside lane is for passing and for speeding. Stay to the right and avoid the rage of the person behind you.


2. Construction

No one likes to be slowed down because of road construction, but it sends some drivers over the top.

If some one is riding your bumper, try to get out of the way and let that raging driver ride some one else’s chrome keester.


3. Getting cut off

The Top Five Causes of Road Rage

When changing lanes, or turning into traffic causes a driver to apply the brakes, the braking driver can feel inconvenienced at the least.

The resulting rage may cause bumber riding, risky passing, and sudden braking to return the inconvenience.


4. Poor time management

Some drivers are always in a hurry because they haven’t allowed for unexpected delays.

The pressure of trying to make up time can cause frustration which turns into blame and rage.


5. Bias

Some drivers will feel rage based on their impression of the other driver. The raging driver may not want to be “stuck behind grandpa” or may judge another driver based on their car or even their license plate.

No matter the other driver’s actual driving behavior, the raging driver’s impression is his or her truth.


Final Thoughts

If you encounter road rage in another, just let it go, and get out of the raging driver’s way. If you are feelling rage, yourself, take a break and calm down.

Accidents are caused by the risky behavior and distractions that road rage provokes.

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