The Top Five Kansas Icons

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When you think of Kansas, what comes to your mind? Here’s my list. If you disagree, then you need to post your own Kansas icons list on List My Five.

Kansas Icons


1. Dorothy

Actually I could have named her dog, Toto, the Tinman or the Wizard of Oz, but any of those would make you think of Kansas.


2. Wheat Fields

Golden acres of wheat waiting for the combine is a common scene in Kansas. Add a distant horizon with a big sky and some big puffy clouds for a typical Kansas scene.


3. Little House on the Prairie

Maybe you watched the TV series or read all the books, but Laura Ingalls Wilder introduced many people to pioneer life on the Kansas prairies.


4. Football

Kansas universities have some awesome, top-ranked football teams. My brother-in-law never misses a game at his alma mater and always welcomes gifts of purple wildcat gear.


5. Sunflowers

Although sunflowers grow many places in the world, the sight of these oversized golden flowers with the big brown center always make me think of Kansas.

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