The Top Five Reasons to Live In Maine

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It’s no secret that I love my home state of Maine and narrowing the reasons down to five is difficult; narrowing it down to fifty would be difficult as well.

Maine is a great place to live and a great place to visit.


1. Maine’s Coastline

Maine has hundreds of miles of coastline to explore and you’ll find everything from beautiful sandy beaches to wild cliffs and smashing waves.

Maine’s sandiest beaches are south of Portland–Old Orchard being the most well known; the rest of the coastline heads northeast and is mostly craggy cliffs with occasional beaches.


2. Appalachian Trail Trailhead

The Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia (or ends there, depending of your view) and ends at the top of Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park in north/central Maine. Baxter State Park, a gift to Maine from former Governor Percival Baxter, has numerous trails for virtually any level of hiking ability as well as opportunities for seeing moose.

A car day-trip from the southern entrance of the park to the northern entrance is a trip you’re not likely to forget.


3. Acadia National Park

The Top Five Reasons to Live In Maine

Acadia National Park is one of the most visited National Parks in the country and for good reason. Acadia is definitely NOT a day trip–you’ll miss the little things that make this area so beautiful, such as Sand Beach and the Carriage Roads.


4. The Western Mountains

The western area of Maine is a continuous scenery change of lakes, rivers and mountains. This area attracts rafters, downhill skiers, gold panners, rockhounds, hikers and photographers and for good reason–this area is gorgeous!

Good options for seeing this area are via the Old Canada Road, which begins just north of Solon, and the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Drive. Bring warm layers and make sure your camera batteries are charged!


5. The Maine People

Once you get past our dry sense of humor, you’ll find Maine people friendly and warm. We don’t all have the distinct accent that Tim Sample has made famous, but if a tip depends on it we can pull it off.

You’ll find us hard working, proud and eager to help and full of Yankee common sense. Take the time to make a friend while you’re here!

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