The Top Five Silly Laws In Oklahoma

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Oklahoma laws may seem a bit strict, but there must have been a reason for them. Even the silly ones, although it may be difficult why these laws were ever written.


1. Soda Bottle Safety

Engineers in Tulsa must be quite busy because a particular law. Opening a soda bottle without being supervised by a licensed engineer is illegal in Tulsa.


2. Walking and Eating

Walking backwards while eating a hamburger is illegal in Oklahoma City. Visitors and residents alike should also be warned that taking a bite from another person’s hamburger is also illegal.


3. Hypnotizing In Hawthahorne

Silly Laws In Oklahoma

Hypnotized people may not be put in a display window in Hawthahorne, Oklahoma. Is it possible this was a severe problem in the city of Hawthahorne?


4. Football Apparel

Bad news for all the New York Jets fans. It is illegal to wear any New York Jets apparel in the city of Ada, Oklahoma.


5. Whaling

Members of The Sea Shepherd anti-whaling organization will be pleased to know that whaling is illegal throughout the entire state of Oklahoma. All Oklahoma whales are safe from slaughter!


Final Thoughts

There are many other silly laws in Oklahoma, as well as other states. Although the exact consequences of breaking these laws are not clear, it is possible to be prosecuted for such illegal activities.

It is always a good idea to be well-informed to avoid any legal difficulties.

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