The Top Five Things to Do In Las Vegas Nevada

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1. Gambling

Las Vegas is filled with so many different casinos that have a wide variety of different kinds of slot machines. You can play slot machines for as little as one cent per pull or up to much more by playing quarters or one dollar per pull or more. There are slot machines where you just pull the handle or push a button to play your luck at.

There are also slot machines that you can play poker on or a variety of different card games. There are slot machines that you can go fishing, play monopoly, wheel of fortune, sex in the city, as well as others.

There are endless choices of different types of slot machines that I’m sure you will find one that you will especially love to try.

Las Vegas also has a very large variety of different tables to sit down and play cards at. You can also roll dice and try to win some money. You can also spin the wheel. There are so many ways to gamble in Las Vegas.


2. See Shows

There are hundreds of different shows that you can see in Las Vegas. Some are free to see and some have a fee. The shows range from live animals, comedy, musical, magic, sexual, and much more. Some of the shows that can be seen are the Jersey Boys, Menopause The Musical, and The Lion King which have all been wonderful.

Terry Fator from America’s Got Talent is another excellent talent at Las Vegas. David Copperfield is an awesome magician and can be seen in Las Vegas as well. Be sure to check out some of the other shows that can be seen in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has some awesome talent there.

The Bellagio Casino Hotel has an awesome fountain show outside. This show consists of the water, music, and lights all in one. If you haven’t seen this musically dancing light/water show, you must take the kids or just yourselves and watch it. It is free and is on in the afternoon and evenings 7 days a week including holidays.

Treasure Island Casino Hotel has a live Pirate battle show each night which is located right outside the hotel by the water. This is a free show and is very good. This show has been going on for some time now.

The Light Show is located in downtown Las Vegas. This is a 6 minute awesome light show that is free. This show is on every half hour and is in Fremont Street.

There are many other different free shows that the casinos have inside and outside for the family to see.

Las Vegas Nevada

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3. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is absolutely beautiful. It is breathtaking. The Grand Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada is known as one of the natural wonders of the world. If you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon yet, you should go and check it out. You will be amazed.

The Grand Canyon is about 277 miles long. The Grand Canyon is about 18 miles wide in some spots. The rocks range from many different incredibly beautiful colors. The river flows through the center of the Grand Canyon.

There is plant life and wildlife that can be seen in the Grand Canyon. In 1919, the Grand Canyon received a National Park status and has been a tourist area ever since. The Grand Canyon is definitely something to put on your itinerary if you are planning on going to Las Vegas. You will be amazed at how beautiful the Grand Canyon is.


4. Rides

There are amusement type rides like roller coasters, bungy jumping, as well as other rides located in different hotels. You can find some of these rides at Circus Circus, New York New York, and Sahara.

Circus Circus is like a circus inside. They have tight rope walking, tricks, games, prizes, even cotton candy and popcorn, and more.


5. World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

Las Vegas has the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain. If you love chocolate then this is the place to stop and look at. This is located in Bellagio Casino. The fountain is huge and has white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate coming down as a fountain of chocolate. There is over 500 feet of stainless steel piping.

The chocolate consists of white, medium, and dark confectionary grade chocolate. The chocolate rises 27 vertical feet from the lower level. It took them two years to plan, design, and engineer the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain. They also sell delicious and different unusual chocolate desserts there. A wide variety of different types of chocolate candy.



Las Vegas is loaded with so many different things to see and do. If you are on a budget, that’s okay. Las Vegas has more free things to see and do than you can ever imagine.

Most of the casinos have free things inside to look at from ladybugs as well as other animals made using all real flowers, to a free Caesar show in Caesar’s Palace to much more. Las Vegas is the place to visit and experience for both the kids and adults.

Be sure to bring your camera because you will need it to take pictures of everything.

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