The Top Five Things to Do on Your Tobago Honeymoon

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The island of Tobago may be small in size but it sure does not lack in quality, natural beauty and certainly not of fun things to do and see. Surprisingly this under 120 square miles of pure heaven is relatively very peaceful and free of the abundance of high rise hotels like some other Caribbean islands.

The beaches on this island are simply magnificent and go perfectly with the friendly people, delicious food and exotic wildlife. Combine all of these factors together and you have a little secret heaven and a perfect place for a whole lot of romance and love.

The following are the top five favorite things to do on your honeymoon while enjoying every single minute of all that Tobago has to offer.

Tobago Honeymoon


1. Nylon Pool

If a couple is feeling adventurous then the Nylon Pool might be just the place to spend a day. The two of you will want to catch a ride from one of the many glass bottom boat tours to take you to Nylon Beach which is quite a romantic and beautiful ride all by itself.

Some of these guided tours will even stop off along the way for some snorkeling and also give some great information about the islands history. Once you do arrive at Nylon Beach you are sure to love the very beautiful and shallow crystal clear waters.

Make sure to bring a disposable camera along for all the underwater fun on this trip, you will definitely want to capture all those magical honeymoon moments.


2. Have Jeep Will Travel

There are a few different locations on the island to rent a jeep, and do not think hassle because there are no long insurance papers and all that jazz to fill out, besides where are you really going to run off to with their jeep that they can not easily find you?

Renting a jeep will allow the two of you to run off and have your own intimate honeymoon wherever you desire on Tobago and will feel like a real adventure. One thing to remember though little love birds is to stay on the left side of the road and buckle up.


3. Argyl Waterfall

Taking a short hike to Argyl Waterfall will make your anniversary trip to Tobago all the more adventurous and romantic. The two of you are sure to love the trail with all it’s gorgeous scenery and once you reach the waterfall make sure to use caution up the slippery path.

This is known to be the prettiest waterfall on the island and perfect for any honeymoon couple to have a romantic swim and snap some beautiful pictures too.


4. Adventures In the Forest Reserve

Known for being one of the oldest nature reserves in the world is Tobago’s own Forest Reserve and well worth the trip to see all the exotic birds, protected turtles and abundance of unique island foliage.

This is yet another place for a honeymoon couple to escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a peaceful afternoon filled with beautiful scenery.

There are also many spots to stop and have a relaxing moment together and chances to take wonderful pictures with unbelievable backgrounds.


5. Best Sunset View on the Island

Making a short drive up past the small village of Charlotteville to Flagstaff Hill which is one of the highest elevations on Tobago and you will be able to catch one of the best sunsets you have ever seen, if not the very best.

This is the most romantic place on the island to get away from it all and spend quality time together while taking in a dramatic sunset.


There are so many wonderful things to do on your Tobago honeymoon that the only thing that the two of you will have to decide on is how much can you fit in.

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