The Top Five Tips For Planning a New York City Vacation

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New York City is a fascinating place. There are so many things to do while vacationing in this city it boggles the mind. Gathering information about upcoming events will help you have a vacation full of exciting experiences.

Plan ahead and find out as much as possible about the city and its interesting places before your trip so you can be organized and know what you want to experience on the vacation before you enter the city.

New York City Vacation


1. Read NYC Newspapers Online

Read the local New York City newspapers online to find out about upcoming events. Websites for NYC newspapers include,, and the Scan the websites frequently to find a wide range of events.


2. Check Out Magazines About New York City

Read websites of magazines that relate to New York City Online or purchase them at a newsstand. Some magazine websites that are full of information about NYC include,,, and


3. Read About NYC on Twitter

Use Twitter to read about postings for cool places to visit in the city. Do a search on Twitter under hash tags such as #NYC, #NewYorkCity to read tweets about interesting restaurants, events and places in NYC. Also check out the hash tag #travel to find more tweets about vacations in New York City.


4. Read NYC Tourism Websites

Check out tourism websites that relate to New York City. Some helpful websites to plan vacations to NYC include,,,


5. Read Theater Discount Websites

If you want to attend the theater while in New York City, check out websites that offer discount theater tickets such as and Theater is a very special experience in New York City. It is fun to go to the discount ticket booths (described at to get deeply discounted theater tickets and then have a theater adventure that will not cause too much damage to the vacation budget.


Planning ahead will help you maximize enjoyment on a vacation to New York City. Get information from a variety of sources to find events that meet your interests and your vacation budget.

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