Ways to Identify Your Luggage

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How do you identify your luggage when your normal black bag is surrounded by a sea of other normal black luggage at the airport? The below top 5 ways to identify your luggage will hopefully give you some creative ways to find your bags.

No reason to stand around scratching your head in wonderment at all those Samsonite suitcases that look JUST like yours.

Identify Your Luggage


1. Identify Your Luggage By Using a Ribbon on the Handle

Sure, you might see a lot of suitcases with ribbons on the luggage carousel but I’m betting you will be able to quickly identify your exact ribbon. To aid in identifying your luggage, use an usual ribbon or a combination of regular ribbons. Tie the ribbon in a large bow (double knotted so that it doesn’t pull off the luggage handles).


2. Identify Your Luggage With Stickers

Ok, your suitcase may look like it came straight out of Sesame Street but do you really care? Use any kind of stickers you can find. You can get really creative and express a thought with a bumper sticker slapped on the side of your luggage or show your support for animal rescue with a different type of sticker.


3. You’ll Easily Be Able to Identify Your Luggage If You Buy Unusually Colored Luggage

Steer clear of the normal Samsonite blue luggage or that cheap black cloth luggage piece. Instead, select an unusual color or, even better, select a patterned luggage for really quick identification.


4. Put Pom Poms on Your Luggage Handles

A slightly more goofy approach (imho) is to apply different colored pom poms to your luggage handles. Just like using ribbons, apply different colors to the handles so you luggage screams your name when it comes down the luggage carousel. Just make sure no one notices when you snatch it up.


5. Apply Colored Duct Tape to the Outside of Your Luggage

Duct tape is a wondrous thing and, with the advent of colored and patterned duct tapes, there are endless possibilities for identifying your luggage. Put you initial in duct tape on the outside of your bag or, even better, put your whole name (if it’s short!).

Knowing how to identify your luggage will get you out of the airport much faster. Get creative and have fun personalizing your bags.

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